i very enjoy life

April 30, 2013 11:59am CST
today I have a dinner at Taman Asean where is sponsor by businessman NGO, is kind of buffet style so I eat lot, take back home lot too. there have event like singing, eat, comedy Malaysia change face in second, contest by number(present bird nest, really expensive but I did not get it), lot more dinner to come tommorrow and this friday. all this why I get it? because goverment party want to draw support and so people vote them.........now I enjoy eat, see, hear and get thing for free but I am fear the debt they spend to draw vote is very high as I hear they have spend $58 billion and that mean very people tax money in average is $4394. and this is super very high and ridious . I just don't want this to happen to us like what happen in Greece, and other European country..............
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@lakshmi11 (278)
• United States
30 Apr 13
Hey there, Consider thinking differently.--- You had a good time because of your thoughts. They made it possible for you to have such a tremendous good time.- Now to the goverment.- Every country on this earth has depts and no country can ever pay its debts back. The money a country lends they lend it from the big banks. Which have the say in everything that happens in this country. Our financial system is set up so that the industrious work and work and the rich gain and gain. Most people work a lot. But if you have a million dollars you make about 50 one family houses a year without lifting a finger. Also the taxes we pay are exponential and they also make about half of what we spent. Well this is just a little to think about.- There is not possiblity to go into details here.-
• Malaysia
1 May 13
thinking the fact could be real tough to get it to understand but in put simple term THE RICH GETTING RICHER THEN RICHEST THE POOR GETTING TO WORK MORE LONG LONGER AND NON STOP financial world is like that
@911Ricki (13588)
• Canada
30 Apr 13
Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself, I hope youg et to do this again.