I'm back yet major change might gonna happen....

@ardoy0731 (7308)
April 30, 2013 9:04pm CST
Hi to all, friends. Been away for past days due to stressful and busy life at work.So many things to do. Nice to be back yet major changes that might happened soon surprised me. I already read the alert about the changes that will happened and even read some discussions and comments about this matter.People are saddened since earnings will be unsure.Some will definitely leave since extra earnings here will be unsure, cause extra earnings that we get here really means a lot in so many ways no matter how small it is.Sadness if earnings will definitely stopped. Changes is always around and the only thing which is not permanent in this world. For now, we could still earn a bit more while the changes is still coming and see what might/would we do once the changes started. I been here for quite not long yet I have learned and knew lots of things across the globe.I have met/knew some people that I could consider as friends even though I didn't met them personally.I could still be here or visit mylot as long as my friends are still here.
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• Calgary, Alberta
1 May 13
yes a change, a change we didnt ask for, but hopefully n the last few minutes they will change their mind due to the negative reaction of 90% of the community.
@ShyBear88 (54382)
• United States
1 May 13
I hope your right Cap.
@pals101 (2010)
• Philippines
2 May 13
I miss all of you.. happy mylotting. Hopefully we can still be active in here..
• United States
1 May 13
I will be on here occasionally, but I hope they change their minds. I think what upsets many people is the fact that we were not told about not earning on here nor were we asked for any input. Many people rely on the Internet for making money and sadly there are a lot of scams out there and now that I found a site that pays they decide to not pay anyone.
@ARIES1973 (11478)
• Legaspi, Philippines
1 May 13
Hi ardoy! I know about your offline concern as well. I hope it will just be fine. And now, one of our online sources will soon be having this major change. It's sad actually. But I know that we have our other sites to earn some amount. Hope everything will be fine. Have a great day!
@CuteMandy (162)
• China
1 May 13
mylot is still here, we can use it whenever we want, just no extra money.