Check-up findings without using any gadgets? Is it reliable?

May 1, 2013 6:15am CST
Under the heat of the sun, me, my sis and together with our mom walked the way through the hospital. We have to undergone check up for my sister's problem on her throat. Upon entering the hospital, we directly proceeded to the doctors clinic but unfortunately the secretary said that the doctor will be for hours not around due to the operation he is conducting. With approximately 4 hours of waiting for the doctor's consultation, I spare too much time of waiting. Until such time that the doctor has at last shown. I'm very eager to know what would be the result of our check-up so when the time that we are called to get in for the purpose, I hurried up to enter the room. While listening and observing what kind of tests to be conducted, I feel unconvinced and frustrated for the findings. The doctor just interviewed my sister and without any instrument used to see whats going on her neck that caused to swell . Without much ado, he directly gave us the lists of medicine to be taken. For my mind , I just tell myself then that maybe to try the medications given by the doctor . I just dont have enough money to go to some other places for the complete check up with enough facilities for a findings which is in long distance away from the city.
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@emily7339 (1338)
• Malaysia
1 May 13
Well, I will not feel comfortable if the doctor just prescribe medicine without even check on my throat with an instrument . To me, he is just prescribing basing on his knowledge and the medication may not suitable for me .