where to find my earnings?new look is confusing me

@luisaR (452)
May 1, 2013 7:58pm CST
I am not an online savvy,but I like mylot because I can just ask anything if I needed answers. but the new look is confusing me, where is this and that.The old one is convenient.Yes I understand changes is okbut it is giving me headache hehe.why most of the format now seem a little of twitter,a little of facebook and little of everything?why can't it be something else for a unique look?
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• Valdosta, Georgia
2 May 13
Sorry you didn't realize they were not paying anymore but that is true, their not. And your also correct about it looking like twitter and facebook-STUPID. They were apparently not intelligent enough to come up with something original. This is what took so long to accomplish? Seriously??
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@luisaR (452)
• Philippines
6 May 13
oh my G..they are not paying anymore? wow... so they are not different from any other social sites at all. tnx loving...