Why Do I Have to Keep On Being "Me"?

@mythociate (21455)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
May 2, 2013 9:54pm CST
At a Bible-study tonight, 'a woman with a speech-impediment & breathing-problems etc.' (daughter of another 'woman with a speech-impediment' & niece of another 'woman with a speech-impediment & various other health-complaints') showed up & was nearly kicked-out (again) after disruptively complaining about 'that the state won't let her take care of her children & -grandchildren' & 'that G*d's not providing her the abundance she needs---the caring husband who buys her a house where she can take care of the children etc.' We had to shout-her-down out of a rant (in which she DID explain the problem--everyone says there's help on the way, but help never comes; everyone says (as she DID say) "Love-love-Love-love-Love-love-Love-love-Love-love-Love-love-Love-love-Love-love-Love-love!" but no one ever DOES anything--but was saying it with too much anger to slow down & see the solution---LISTEN!), finally yelling at her over-&-over "IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU!" But sitting here thinking, I imagined myself in a situation similar to hers (as I sorta am---not HAVING children or the chance at a spouse), and I imagined I'd have responded to 'IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU!' with "Then why do I HAVE to be 'me'?"
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@Nursefrai06 (2498)
• Penrith, Australia
3 May 13
if you think you are the center of the universe, you are bound to live a life of disappointment. because you aren’t the center of the universe. the world doesn’t revolve around you, and if you think it does, you’re going to be disappointed all the time. thus, if you are selfish, and narcissistic, and solipsistic, well, you’re doomed for a life of being let down. you just have to think that its not about you to make yourself feel better about a lot of things and let go of the burden of being the center of everything you still have to be you because there is no one who can be like you. if you be yourself, you become irreplaceable. irreplaceable doesn’t quite mean necessary, but when someone finds you irreplaceable, that means you and you alone, offer them something that NOBODY else amongst the billions of other people in this planet can.
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