May 3, 2013 2:49am CST
Last December 2012 my husband went home here in the Philippines to be with me in waiting for the arrival of our first born, it was an amazing, exciting time and at the same time can be really anxious and nerve wracking :/ :) 5days past my due date my OB told me that the amount of my amniotic fluid is really depleting already and that it is not good for my baby for further depletion of my water will cause for my baby to be stressed inside me as there is not much water that cushions her and so I had to decide whether I would still wait for my labor or should I just have a caesarian section delivery, which I never really liked for few reasons: 1 it HURTS and it's painful... 2. you don;'t get to bond right away with your daughter and 3. the recovery would take time. But i did choose to go have the saesarian section because the doctor told me that if I still wait for my labor i might lose my baby which me and my husband does not want, of course no parent would ever want losing their baby, so that night the 11th of January at about 11pm I was admitted and prepared to be in the operating room for an elective caesarian section and I had all the fears while waiting for the doctors... i had this super weird thing in my head that the doctors might leave some instrument inside me or i may not be able to stand the operation... but all the anxiousness was erased when the anesthesiologist came and gave me a shot that made me passed out but I can remember there were episodes were I can hear or see them but I was so groggy, i remeber i told the nurse i want to throw up and i also heard my baby girl cry ='] (tears of joy) but then again when I regain complete consciousness i found out thta my baby girl was in neonatal care unit and had to be oxygenated for according to the doctor she cannot support her own breathing... and I was so sad... and fearful and scared... i waited for her all my life :'l She was so precious to me even when i was just still imagining about her way, way, way back before i even met her father... the doctor does not help either for i think she was never taught or she was not present in the class when therapeutic communication was being tackled by her professor, every time I talk to her i feel like my baby will always die, but when I see her on photos and videos which my husband patiently took during viewing times, i can see she is such a healthy baby... she's active and she have a good sucking reflex... and then the doctors told me our baby needs to stay longer in the hospital, that i can't have her with me when i go home... but in my heart i know my bby is one strong, healthy baby (i am a nurse by the way and the hospital didn't know that) so i decided to just take her home with us and we consulted a different pediatrician and that doctor told us that my baby is really healthy and that she have a good cry (loud), she have good sucking reflex (strong) and that my baby is just normal and so I was so happy and now my baby is just 9days shy away being 4 months we never had any problems with her or anything, not even once did she ever had any illness which i know is A MIRACLE FROM GOD... but yesterday we were able to receive a bigger MIRACLE, God is really, really good ALL THE TIME and MIRACLE does really happen and that ANGELS really exist... I am so thankful to God for sending His angels for my baby... and also yesterday my faith to God has been refreshed and now on a different level. My daughter is really precious to me and her daddy... as a matter of fact her daddy does everything for our family... that is why I am really trying hard to really help out too, besides trying to sell celphone load I have found &Bubblews and mylot so I can try to do online things for me to at least earn .. THANK YOU JESUS FOR ALL THE MIRACLES YOU SEND, for TRULY IN MY LIFE GOD MADE IT ALL POSSIBLE!
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