May 3, 2013 2:59am CST
Yesterday was wednesday and it's a a day a bit tougher for me than the rest of the days in a week because it is market day. I had to wake up early to buy the whole weeks supply of food and be home as soon as possible to clean and wash all the goods and store them into the fridge, that consist of cleaning fishes, washing chicken and pork, then, after I get to put all the food in the fridge that is when I can start washing the bottles my daughter used up all night and had to sterilize them too. Next, I had to prepare her bath by heating water first and bring it into the perfect temperature for her and then give her a bath and dress her up. After that I had to put her to sleep and after some time of rocking her on my arms, she finally fell asleep. YEY! I thought I can go bubblews & Mylot but hey, I remembered I had to get our laundry in the line that I had washed the day before, not to mention I had to fold it too :) And then I had to go out to do some errands and was home after like an hour and when I arrived my baby was already up and so I played with her :) she loves it when you talk to her and she sure does respond by making sounds and cooing a lot ( she's growing up bright and smart I must say :) because of course I am her mother :) ) By 6pm, I was cleaning her up so so she can feel refreshed and feel comfortable when she goes back to sleep but OMG she was up until 8pm so the whole 2 hours I was playing with her I also keep on bubbling about bubblews to my brother and nephew and they got interested on it, they both signed up for bubblews and started bubbling right away too, it was so nice to see them having fun and having that excitement just like when I started, too :) When my daughter fell asleep she does not want me to go right away so i didn't even notice it that I fell asleep too, I MUST HAVE BEEN REALLY TIRED :) I was not even able to wake up to call my husband before he went to work (that's what we do, before he goes to work I call him or skype with him because he always wants to see our daughter and me, he is in USA and we are here in the Philippines). When I woke up it was already almost 12mn and i have a bad headache :( and I was feeling so tired still... my back feel sore :/ HAYYYYYYYS! Life is sweet! We just have to stir it well :) I hope everyone had a nice day or is having a nice day wherever you are all at :) Oooops, my daughter starting to squirm, she's wanting milk and I must make her milk now :)
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