May 3, 2013 3:00am CST
I hope every person that will read this post will share it to their friens and loved ones, it's a very very nice message to everyone. Please watch the link! We are therefore Christ's ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ's behalf: Be reconciled to God. ~ 2 Corinthians 5:20 (New International Version) And so, I was trying to find something to do of value I watched a link from a friend and ended up looking for it in you tube. and so yeah, it's a video that sends a very nice message. It's a minute and 42 seconds. Not much of our time, but this might be the start of a brighter Journey in our lives :) And yes, I have transcribed it the best I can hahaha :D I just thought it might help while you are watching and listening, but please forgive me if there are some errors :*l and if you see along the way this kind and sort of things ------ ""....."" that means I was not able to get what is being said on that part, so if you happen to get it please do not hesitate to comment me the correct word/s or phrase so as to complete the transcription of the video. One Minute Sermon by Tamara Lowe at Christ Fellowship To be a survivor in this amazing race with the need for speed you need God's grace. And if you're desperate like housewives watching days of our lives you can't cope with out hope then that's not on the soap, if you look in the opera of Dr. Phil you can chop non stop or pop a pill but the void won't fill and the pain won't kill 'til you love the one that hung on the hill. Kickin' back in your lazy boy, easy chair watching who wants to be a millionaire, nah, you're not gonna find it there. No American Idol accounts or tribal has a final answer that will satisfy it. CSI ain't got a clue, SBU don't know what to do, not the ER or the OC nothing on the cd, tv, dvd or mp3 can save you and me. CNN's got no good news, here's the headline you must choose. It's not the simple life Paris Hilton it’s treading on thin ice living in sin. You can be in apprentice for Donald trump or in a fear factor fastfood from a dump. You can be a heavy hitter or a wheel of fortune winner, a fox news knows spin spinner a flight out sinner but you better check this life that you're living and make sure your sins are forgiven. I bet cha 50 cent Elvis that came and went, and eventually every Black-eyed-pea where in eventually every black eyed pea,"..." P. Diddy and Britney. Every wanna be on MTV with their icy blings, every dixie chicks that sings they all gonna see the king of kings. I don't care if you're J.Lo or Leno or Bono. One thing you gotta know, someday you gonna die bro; then where you gonna go? Hey, I'm not talking some punk junk that's irrelevant like your "......." the real superstar is Jesus Christ, He is the Way, He is the truth and the Light. One day He's gonna split the sky. He's the brightest light in the higest high. So what I came to say and what I'm telling you is don't buy that stupid stuff they've been selling you. It's all design to fill your head and waste your space until your dead. Here's the bottom line of my rhyme "GIVE YOUR LIFE TO GOD WHILE THERE'S STILL TIME". JESUS IS CALLING US. HOW WILL YOU RESPOND? LET US HEAR JESUS CALL, let us open our hearts. With Jesus and only trhough Jesus can we be joyful in our lives not just here but also in heaven.
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