May 3, 2013 3:02am CST
I will never forget 5th of April 2012. It will always, always be a very special day for me, because that day was the day when the only answer I can give was YES :) It was a flight we had to take so our team can reach our destination to Cagayan De Oro Philippines, it isn't really a long flight, in fact if I remeber it right it's just like an hour flight and so feeling tired for the previous activities I had before going to that trip and feeling a little cold i find it such a goood time to catch a much needed nap as soon as I was able to sit on my designated seat. But 30 minutes on our flight and more than 30,000 miles away from the ground I was awaken of the crews announcement of my name over that i think paging something system and asked me to go in the front seat and she also called my then boyfriend's name which is seated away from me but the crew paged us and asked us both to sit in the front seat from both sides, in total awe I was really wondering what was happening so I asked my then bf but he just shook his shoulder and told me he does not really know. I remember also that I was thinking we won from some promotions hahaha. But anyways the crews served us some coffee and suddenly one of the girl crew got her bible and started reading 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 and that bible verse is a favorite and have always been a guiding star for me and then after the girl finished reading it she called my then bf and gave that paging system to him. Right there and then, he stood up and asked "YSHIE ALMAZAR WILL YOU MARRY ME?" and in such surprise I know in my heart there is no other answer but "YES!" :) It was indeed a "HEAVENLY PROPOSAL :) Everyone was so happy and there's even a guy who shook my now husband's hand to congratulate him. I am so thankful to god for blessing me with so much even though I am not deserving but His mercy remains :)
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