The speed is super!

@eileenleyva (27625)
May 3, 2013 4:18pm CST
Nope, not a bird, and neither a plane, the speed is super, so it must be.... the man of steel. Of course I am ultra excited, Superman was the first super hero that made me love movie science fiction. The story was inter galactic, and a baby survived space travel in a capsule. His earth name was Clark Kent, but everyone called him Superman, the man of steel, drew his godlike power from the sun, vulnerable to a stone called kryptonite, as human in love, and as gentle in saving earthlings in peril. June 14th, it's a date. Here's the teaser.
In 1978 the poster for "Superman" boldly proclaimed, "You will believe a man can fly." The message of the final poster for this summer's "Man of Steel" -- premiering exclusively here on Yahoo! Movies -- seems to be, "You will … Continue reading ?
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• Philippines
4 May 13
Wow, can\t wait to see it! I hope it will not disappoint people like Iron Man 3 did. I\m not disappointed in IM3 but most of the people on my FB say that they did not like it. I'm sure I'll watch this upcoming Superman
@secretbear (19448)
• Philippines
4 May 13
I have loved Superman ever since. I especially loved Lois and Clark the series with Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher. I also particularly loved Superman Returns with Brandon Routh. But I'm not sure with this new movie. But the trailer seemed interesting and the story is totally different from the other Superman stories. I'd be interested to watch this.