love between friends

November 22, 2006 9:51pm CST
Has love ever came between you and your friends? why ? And Have you ever been in a situation that your friend has fallen in love with you , and you didn`t want to ruen the friendship between you and him/her?
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@rainbow (6763)
11 Dec 06
Yes, I had a pal who I knew fancied me for years and eventually I thought we're good pals maybe it'll work and it did for a couple of years but I found it really difficult making the change and eventually had to give in and say I prefered it when we were just friends. He hadn't even realised I was getting fed up bless him. He's my oldest sons godfather and we are still friends, although not as close as we both have new partners and families now. It's not something I would recccommend, keep your friends unless you know it's the real thing and will last forever!
• Romania
12 Dec 06
interesting , well i can`t say that i have passed trough this , but , i had a similar problem , to say so...
@jenny1015 (13380)
• Philippines
8 Dec 12
This has happened to me 3x. And really, we end up as friends. I think that it is best to stay friends that be more than that. Although I know that there are some who have great relationships with their partners whom they have been good friends before. But with me, think that one real, good friend would always remain as a good friend to me and nothing more.