What about my accumulated earning? will i get paid one last time?

May 6, 2013 1:05pm CST
i did not get any notification on the changes that was about to happen in mylot. I had an accumulated earnings of roughtly around $9 here. Will i get paid my dues? I have made lot of effort in earning those money and its sad to see it go. I cannot see the earning stats any more .... i hope mylot will not disappoint me and pay me the balance lying in my account. its only fair then.
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@GoAskAlice (5808)
6 May 13
As long as you had accumulated at least $5.00 by the time of the change over, you will be paid in roughly another week or so.
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• India
6 May 13
that would be great! i'm disappointed that mylot has stopped paying... but as the sayings goes... all good things has to come to an end, and mylot was definitely good in its prime and payed me every single time with out any delay. So its sad but true... well done mylot. You did your part in making us happy!
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@Bluedoll (16774)
• Canada
6 May 13
@earncommunity I agree that is something that should not be forgotten. They were very honest in business and to pass so much money as they did over the years was an achievement.
@dainy1313 (2370)
• Leon, Mexico
7 May 13
@GoAskAlice Hello Alex! I was wondering what will happen with my funds? I mean: I had some taskfunds that I didnĀ“t use at all. Blessings... dainy
• India
8 May 13
i need to change paypal address my paypal id is changed how can i inform it to mylot
@ano460 (649)
• United States
18 Jun 13
so MYLOT is gone, i lost some fund too, but hope if the start paying again
• Mumbai, India
3 Dec 14
Woww Mylot has changed a lot over years, The earlier mylot had very good looks as well as interface. I logged in here after 4 years to see 100% changed view of mylot. Does it still pay, I cannot even see my accumulated funds now. Everything seems to have changed in these 4 years.