Should I call HR or Quit

United States
May 7, 2013 7:23am CST
I have been working at my current job for almost two years. Called in twice over the two years due to death in my family. I am hard working as a result I got a raise from 7.25 to 8 dollars an hour in less than one month, two months later got promoted to Lead Sales Associate making 9 an hour, and three months became Assistant Manager and got a raise to 10.00 an hour. Two weeks ago I received a .35 cent raise from evaluation my old boss completed. The problems started as soon as she walked through the door, I felt like something was not right. She introduced herself to me and I introduced my self to her. From start I told her that I am in school so I would be unable to pull doubles but is more than happy to work six days a week, as a response from her she gave me a cold look. Right then I new my intuition was going to become true. After she made her first two schedules, I noticed that she scheduled me to work two doubles both weeks (a total of four). Mind you that I was the only one with doubles. I went to her and told her I was unable work doubles at this time due to me taking classes. She gave me that look again and changed it only this time she lowered my hours to 20 to 25. My regular hours were 35 to 40 hours a week and I am full time. I felt like she did not want me there so I called the DM to see if he knew about what was going on. Sure enough he did and did not care about what was going on even after he told me that I was a valuable asset to the store. I told him I was full time employee and should be getting 30 hours or more his response was, maybe she is giving the hours to the more reliable people ( she never asked anyone to pull doubles and not even schedule them to). I told he ok thanks for talking to me and we hung up. One week after the conversation, the RM came into the store to see if I was working, of course, before he left I asked him could I talk to him and he said ok. I asked him could I transferr because there are too many problems at the store and I fill like they are aiming at me for some reason. He looked at me as if I was a joke. Told me no and said if I dont want to be there than they will replace me eaisly. I tried to tell him what was going on he raised his voice over mine and told me what was said, " I dont work, gave the DM and the SM hard time and argued the DM up and down about my hours, and I call out all the time. Which are all lies. Before he walked off he told me my concerns are not his problem and he is there to make sure the store is being ran. Two weeks after this she started getting calls from the DM saying she needed to make the weekly hour budget. She did so she went into the system and clocked me out for thirty minute brakes in which I did not take. I asked her about it she change all but one. After this the SM has been telling customers I have been stealing and that she is going to promote this new guy that has been working there for three weeks as her new assistant manager. Two days ago she was successful at that. He is suppose to helping her to get me to quit. Every time she have a problem go talks to the cashier about me to them. All our regular customers and ex-dollar general employees told me to call hr and make them aware of the situation. Should I do this even though the DM and The RM are going to be angry?
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