oh GOD, what will happen to mylot site if the members go out?

@Manasha (2728)
Pondicherry, India
May 8, 2013 12:13pm CST
Mylot is the best site for me in all aspects. However, the recent changes have made many members to go away for earning. Hence, I am wondering a lot about the future of the site and I am scared alot. Really, what is the future of this site?
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@sid556 (30960)
• United States
8 May 13
Many of us are still here for our old friends as well as in other places where many of them migrated to. A lot of people got upset with administration ( Not meaning GoAskAlice) . Actually one of our more popular members who has been here from day one got banned...maybe for being too vocal? not sure.
@Bluedoll (16774)
• Canada
8 May 13
I think what we will be seeing is what we are seeing. I think eventually we will see less of what happened to Mylot posts but more of everything else that we are seeing now. Hope that made sense. lol.
@GoAskAlice (5811)
8 May 13
The future will be what you make of it. Although members have left, many others have opted to stay. It is very likely that many of your friends are still around. You can find them in what is now your list of "followers"