where's my earnings?

@tipay26 (867)
May 16, 2013 9:26am CST
with mylot upgraded how can we monitor our earnings?
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@mysdianait (66044)
• Italy
16 May 13
myLot stopped the earnings program on May1st. There are no more earnings here. If you want to write and earn then take a look here:
Speak Freely. Write Your World.
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@carben44 (322)
16 May 13
I can recommend Bubblews too :)
@busybee10 (3186)
• India
14 Jun 13
Due to some personal reasons I could not be here for a long time.... wondering tht everything is changed... Now no earnings here....?? Create an account - Bubblews shall I jon this.. suggest... Please reply on gyaneshwarrao @gmail.com
@owlwings (44060)
• Cambridge, England
16 May 13
If you have good reason to believe that you had more that $4.50 in your earnings on 30 April and you have not yet received a final payment from MyLot you should send a PM to MyLot_Payments: asking for clarification. Since the earnings program closed on 1 May, there are no longer any earnings and therefore no way to monitor them!
@Sindelle (824)
• United States
20 May 13
That link didn't work for me does anyone have another one? Or an email address? I had eight dollars and some change when they cancelled the earnings program.
@CatGods (4588)
• United States
17 May 13
guess you missed that memo. Is there something in the water???