Flowers Wither But Not The Thorns

Moradabad, India
June 14, 2013 3:45am CST
Flowers are the most beautiful part of the nature. This is the evil of man that he always crushes the beautiful things but this is the quality of flowers that even after being crushed they give fragrance.The sun shines on everything and the rain falls on everybody.God has decorated this world with everything.God is one who provides everything to man but is of destructive nature and makes atom bombs to destroy it.Vices creep in our hearts under the name of virtue.It is certain that nothing is certain in the world.The virtuous people die early and the wicked persons die late.It is also said whom God loves die young.We must love the nature because it is made for mankind to enjoy and to love.God forgot to put the life in the flowers . If the flowers were alive,they would certainly say that love us pluck us not.If you want pluck thorns of enmity not the flowers which are the tokens of love ,flowers
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• Chengdu, China
14 Jun 13
Why would put Chinese BBS garbled?