June 18, 2013 10:30am CST
Hi Friends any body is in bubblews, I ve just started and I am not sure how far it will go. Another doubt is how long it will take to earn and reach 25$. I am not expert in blogging also. I am still in the middle. I have sign up in morochat but I find complicated. So, I am freeze in this site. Please help
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@xfahctor (14122)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
18 Jun 13
I've been there a few months and as long as I was posting regularly, it was adding up pretty fast. I just haven't been as active lately. I have observed that one does not really need to be an professional writer or anything there, just write what's on your mind and relax. As long as you're posting with in their rules, they will pay out on a regular basis.
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• Mississauga, Ontario
23 Jun 13
Hey guys, Im new to Bubblews too and I would like to get connected with you guys and read your sharings :)
• India
24 Jun 13
I am also new and i am also under learning process. you may me my user id is psanasangma
• Mississauga, Ontario
25 Jun 13
@psanasangma Mine is Icebreaker and goodluck ^.^
@FrugalMommy (1438)
• United States
18 Jun 13
A lot of Mylot members migrated to Bubblews after Mylot stopped paying its members in May. Most of us aren't expert bloggers, but we're all doing pretty well there. How long it takes to earn $25 depends mostly on your activity to begin with. You have to start by writing at least one article because earnings come only from the number of comments, likes and dislikes, and views your articles receive. Then you should spend some time reading other users' content. If you enjoy an article, like it. If you have something to say in response to it, leave a comment. If you like a few articles one person has written, consider connecting with them. After you start interacting with other users you should see them taking an interest in your work, and that will boost your earnings.
• India
19 Jun 13
Thank you so much FrugalMommy! I hope I will earn at least 25$ by the end of this month. Once I get the payment I would like to refer to some of my friends also because without proof I cannot send my referral. Thank you once again and Happy Bubbling to you too!
@carben44 (322)
20 Jun 13
As it stands right now, I would recommend it. I've cashed out twice (totalling about $55), I have another payment of $25 which I requested monday (still yet to receive it), and I currently have about $205 to cash out... I still have a feeling I won't receive it though...
• India
20 Jun 13
wow great! Congratulation! I am looking forward to earn. Thanks for sharing Carlie