Clicksense and neobux

June 19, 2013 11:23am CST
Why this PTC sites are taking long time to earn. Till now my earning in clicksense is just 4$. It seems in neobux to earn fast I have to be in premium status where I to deposit first so that I could get more refferral. I am not whether it is legitimate also or not.
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@pinttu (1)
• Jaipur, India
21 Jun 13
yeah we can earn more with neobux!
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@arryne (3)
• Nepal
20 Jun 13
Hi Prasanna, I tried neobux and clixsense both.. though both are legitimate, I had the same problem, its just so hard to collect a substantial amount of money. What else have you tried?? Any suggestion of high paying ones?
• India
20 Jun 13
Arryn Arris others, I found but it seems to be the same process so I stop checking out others now
• Skikda, Algeria
19 Jun 13
hi Prasanna These sites are very legitimate, but there is one thing you should know if you would like to earn extra money from it, you must get a lot of referrals try it and you will like it peace be upon you.
• India
20 Jun 13
That means I have buy referral to earn more Rachid Bouzidi! Let me try once again
@trinale (1479)
• United States
21 Jun 13
@psanasangma some sites (ClixSense for example) don't sell referrals so you would have to rely on getting your own direct referrals. It takes time but it's a lot less expensive and risky than renting referrals.
• Indonesia
21 Jun 13
I think so too, this is very complicate because i also try it ... and it did not one ... what must be with time been?
• India
21 Jun 13
Seems so!