Away for a bit..

June 25, 2013 5:54am CST
Hey everyone. So I haven’t been around for a few months. I made a little comeback after my partners appendix operation but then things got quite bad for us. with my partner out of work money was a real struggle, and with not being able to do anything or spend any proper time together other than being stuck in the house festering away, we both got really down and miserable. It just goes to show what a difference that little extra bit of money makes. I mean yes we still had each other and for that we are very grateful but being cooped up in the one place for weeks and weeks on end is just not good for you. She took it worse than me because of course I was getting out for work but she wasn’t. so she was utterly miserable. BUT things are getting better and it’s made us stronger so that’s all you can ever really hope for I guess. But has this ever happened to you? a loss of job or illness and loss of earning affected you mentally and not just physically and financially? What do you think of this?
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@21phil (10)
• Perkasie, Pennsylvania
26 Jun 13
yes i have been affected by the loss of my ability to work. Following a deployment to Iraq I was in a terrible car accident where my ankle was broken in two places and I spent six months in a hospital bed! So after going to a Army medical center (the swelling had to go down before the doctors would operate ) I got two metal plates put in my ankle. Long story short I made a full recovery and have moved on with my life.
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@mike05 (156)
25 Jun 13
when I got made redundant once I got a bit down but the wedge of cash they gave me cheered me up
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