How to install stone-gravel on the floor?

@hsofyan (3447)
Jakarta, Indonesia
August 19, 2013 1:01am CST
You certainly have seen stone-gravel floor, is not it? First I thought, stone-gravel planted one by one over the still wet mortar. But, how long does it take? Certainly a long time. Apparently there is a faster way and the results are neat. 1. Create a foundation with mortar, sand and water 2. Sprinkle stone-gravel above the foundation. 3. Flush the aqueous mortar on stone-gravel. 4. Flatten to participate leveling mortar stone-gravel underneath. 5. After a half-dry, remove the top layer of cement with steel brush. 6. Lastly, rub the stone-gravel with varnish.
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