First Love?

Quezon City, Philippines
September 23, 2013 4:08am CST
First Love, it's good to hear, amazing to have, but hurt to feel. We all know that experiencing first love can bring us happiness but behind that happiness we can feel from our first love there is a stupid feeling we can feel from forgetting it. We also all know that first love is really hard to forget , not only the person we loved but also the feeling we shared from that person whom we gave our love and trust from the very first time. Some people takes long time just to moved on from their first love, i cannot blame them because it's not really that easy to forget your first love just like not forgetting the moment when your still a little kid, when you want something but your parents didn't allow you to have it, you feel sad,down and hurt right? but sooner or later you'll forget it. Just like when you get hurt from your first love at first i know it's not that easy but i know there will come a time that you will notice by yourself that you have moved on from that hurt. We cannot forget our first love because it is the first time we enjoy to love and to be loved to cry for someone and most of all to hurt not physically but emotionally. Lets be true to ourselves that still in some point of our lives we still remember the first girl or boy whom we first gave our love but we cannot control everything maybe he or she just arrived to our lives to make us strong or maybe sooner or later he or she will comeback. We cannot put an end in every story of our lives because God is the only one who knows everything, we are just here to make it right. And i still believe in the saying that FIRST LOVE NEVER ENDS.. :)
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