Driving.... is it a good idea??

Englewood, Florida
October 3, 2013 6:09pm CST
AGE LIMIT ALERT!!!!!!!!! you're 70, and not allowed to drive, due to the fact that you're probably gonna crash........mainly because of the other 5 million 70 year old HORRIBLE drivers.I think they see things that are four inches to the left and after a while, it REALLY gets in the way. Therefore, I think that they should pass a law, saying that everyone must take a driving test every 6 months. You know, the typical drive through the cones.And, you must tell me.... how many fingers am I holding up? Plus 2. Isn't that how they do it now? Yes, right? Thanks Mylotters!! follow my channel and respond on your opinion!!!!!
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@mythociate (21437)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
6 Oct 13
The main reason for the bad driving? They're too old to care anymore. And I think the driving-tests are more like 'an excuse to take drivers' money' than testing anything real (or was the reason an old man ran me over & made me suffer a traumatic brain-injury 'because I should've been wearing my orange traffic-cone design?') & Sure, you're gonna pass a test IF YOU KNOW YOU'RE BEING TESTED! They should give cops license to invalidate DLs because of observed behavior when the drivers DON'T KNOW they're being tested!
• Englewood, Florida
7 Oct 13
I do not agree with you. People, when they get old, no longer have the ABILITY to drive because their brain tires out, and just about nothing can reverse that.