Englewood, Florida
October 3, 2013 6:44pm CST
We have had four animals at once, and they were the best EVER, but the cleanup? Not really. A dog, a cat, a macaw, and an african grey. For your information, birds are the worst clean-up, but the BEST talkers. Be careful though, don't teach it how to curse. My mom did that with her macaw, and on a daily basis, " curse", in a very low voice. Plus, go on Youtube, and you will find many foul-mouthed parrots that curse then bite, on a daily basis, and their owners just decide to film it.Dogs? Well, I love them, but they BARK, like, little dogs live the longest, but bark the most. Cats? I love them, but they are just plain LAZY, and our cat? She sleeps all day, and little kittens should get 16 or MORE hours of sleep per day.I thought grown cats slept less the older they got, but it only increases unless you keep them healthy and active.If you need more information, please go to an expert, because I do not know everything.The Internet is full of answers, but so is the Lord.FYI go to expert. Thank you Mylotters!!!! don't forget to comment and follow me daily!
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@Bluedoll (16774)
• Canada
4 Oct 13
Oh my goodness rude parrots. lol Animal pets are a real cheer up and responsibility at the same time. Glad you are having fun with them and blogging about it.
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• Englewood, Florida
4 Oct 13
thx! So don't forget, I post daily! and by the way, I am going to check out your channel!