Helping our elders

Englewood, Florida
October 6, 2013 9:31pm CST
So, some time ago, I helped out with " Meals On Wheels" and I felt amazing! I felt proud to help them, because they were such sweethearts! They loved seeing someone at their door, because they did not have many visitors. I also think, in your spare time, that that is a great commitment and warm thing to do!
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@Bluedoll (16774)
• Canada
7 Oct 13
Yes it is something that is valuable. The elder's have something to give too and we can learn lots from them.
• Fremont, California
8 Oct 13
agree with your thoughts
• Mumbai, India
9 Oct 13
yes that should be our first opinion
7 Oct 13
Sometimes, we complaint for our unfair life, when I turn on the TV, I found there are lots homeless,people with series disease...they need help, but at the same time, they are strong, coz they still have faith to fight for better life.
• Wuxi, China
9 Oct 13
To help others, we can also feel happy. Grant the person's rose, the hands are still with fragrance.
• United States
7 Oct 13
When i get the chance i only open the doors for them :/
• Nashua, New Hampshire
8 Oct 13
Yes your right and the world today needs helping are elders they are sweet and in need of but it's a awesome thing to do also whenever you get a chance to help others....Cool and sweet...Just listening to them and there stories is nice about there past
• Moradabad, India
7 Oct 13
It is great to help others,specially the weak,the sick and the aged persons. When a person is down. An ounce of help is better than a pound of preachings. Thanks