The best way to get nice stuff for not much money!

Englewood, Florida
October 7, 2013 4:54pm CST
In order to get the nicest items for the least money you might want to go to yard sales, estate sales,etc. My neighbor gets diamonds and gold and nice jewelry for $0.10 and flips them for a huge profit, and he does it every weekend! Early bird gets the worm! Proven fact! Plus you need to have a hawk eye. He usually scores big, but don't get your hopes up. He has been doing this for years.Costume jewelry is hard to find these days.Gold is not always stamped.At first it may be difficult learning, but it's much easier than you'd expect. At the price of gold these days, we all need to pay attention to what we have or what we might miss right in front of you. Could be your extra paycheck for medicine/groceries. There are about 5 ways gold can be stamped, so please take the time to get online and find information about gold and silver that's in your top drawer! Thx Mylotters! Like this and follow me!
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• Alpine, New Jersey
8 Oct 13
Could you please give more information?I believe many paople are interested in gold.