Time, Money, And Good Health_ Which Is More Important For Your Success In Business?

October 18, 2013 9:47am CST
This is my own ranking of the three i mentioned above, in other of their important to me:- 1, Good health. 2, Money, 3,Time. I want to start by my first ranking which is good health, this is number one for me, it so far ahead of the other two that i even did not have no think before giving it my vote. The reason for this is that, if we want to practically consider it, every things is been achieved when there is good health. No matter how desperate your situation may be, if you have good health and sound mind, you can easily make the two others walk out well. But without good health your chances of making it are next to zero, take it or leave it. For example, if you happens to be a runner and you have good experience of ruining a race, perhaps you have been doing it in the past, but now there is a problem about your health, if you coach try and encourage you to put up your strength and go for competition because of time limit, i want to believe anything can happen, if you fall you miss it, and if you do not fall you may not be able to run as you suppose to, that will make none experienced runners to take your position. That will be saddling and a great loss to you and your coach. You lose Money, Time, Dignity and many more. That is why am saying now that health is wealth. How do you manage your health, you must give you health best priority than any other, can you start to take note of this now and for the rest your life.
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