Self-Confidence .Very Few People Are Happy

@isavior (102)
United Kingdom
November 9, 2013 5:10am CST
One of the principal requisites for change and a self-confident personality is to satisfy your own needs first. On the surface this may appear selfish, but let’s remind ourselves that only when we have done our best to make the most of ourselves can we be of greatest service to our families, friends, co-workers, communities, etc. Many people use the philosophy of service to others first as an escape from taking responsibility for changing their own lives. They say that their husband or wife must come first; their boyfriend or girlfriend; their church, family or the world must come first. This is nothing but self-deception. An example of this kind of behavior is the person who buries himself sacrificially in a commendable project with missionary zeal when, in truth, he can’t face and eliminate his own problems. You can’t change the world, but you can change yourself. The only way the human situation will improve is for each individual to take charge of his or her life. The time has come for you to stop everything else and give total priority to your needs first. This is the only way you will ever be free. Physical slavery is a punishable crime but, far worse, is mental slavery for the punishment is, as Descartes put it so well, “A life of quiet desperation.” by Dr Robert Anthony - "The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence" I love to share the thing that have great effect on me after all we seeking the same light Does this Words Touch your Heart?
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@jeniar (37)
• Bandung, Indonesia
9 Nov 13
Its a good post. I like the words 'You cant change the world but you can change ur self'. For me, its true :)
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@mythociate (21455)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
10 Nov 13
He's right, from an 'immature' perspective. I mean a 'not established'-perspective. Once you 'become a high position in the world' (i.e. start low and are lifted to a high position), your decisions change the world of the citizens "beneath you." Jesus Christ put 'the establishment principle' (the way to REACH a high position) this way: when you are invited to a banquet-table, do not take the highest seat at the table until you are directed by the host to do so. If not directed, take the lowest seat still-appropriate (e.g. in Heaven, don't totally REJECT the banquet because you deserve less than the lowest seat; but just take the seat you're given power to take). (Jesus Christ goes on to say it's so that you don't experience the 'depression' that comes with being forced to a lower seat, and so that you get the 'ego-boost' that comes from being honored & lifted from humble positions.) Today, that means that you should 'just do your job (to the best of your ability); hoping for promotion & trying for it when given the chance, but not letting it interfere with your current job-performance.