I want to stop my addiction, please help me

@jeniar (37)
Bandung, Indonesia
November 17, 2013 2:24am CST
hi everyone :) whats up? I have been really busy this week. OMG, I got so many college task and I am the leader of my study group so I should gather all the task, edit it, print it out, and summit to my lecture. Its really make me tired. So, the point of this post is, I want to ask you guys about some tips to manage time. Because I am now addicted to internet world. All of the online games, social media like facebook and twitter, and also video on youtube, has taken much of my time. I watch a lot youtube video until really late in night, and after that when I want to work on my college task, I get lazy. Internet world is really ruin my study time, but I cant stop. Do u guys have any advice for me to stop my addiction to internet and manage my time? please help me stop this addiction.
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@isavior (102)
• United Kingdom
17 Nov 13
You remind me of what i used to be, but i know self control is the only way, so i start by give only 1 hour for social media and one for watching , know I watch one movie ber week and 1 year without playing games.
• Bucharest, Romania
17 Nov 13
I had this problem too like 4-5 years ago. My parents noticed that I was spending too much time on the computer so I got grounded haha. That's how I gave it up. You should plan more activities outside,with your friends,or school projects,anything that could take more of your free time, so you won't have enough time to spend on the internet because you'll be too tired. From my own experience I could tell this really helps. I spend a lot of time at school and then out and do a lot of things that I don't have time to spend on the internet haha. Start new hobbies like reading,running,singing,drawing or anything like that. Maybe you'll discover new talents of yours. Hope I helped, xoxo