I need advise on hair color remedy

@ronadelle (1547)
November 17, 2013 12:48pm CST
I just had my hair rebonded with hair dye yesterday but I wasnt really loving the color. I wanted my hair to be brownish but it turned out so much lighter than I thought especially at the roots. This would not be good as I am a teacher and hair color like this is prohibited in our school and I dont want to receive any memo about it. Now, I only have a day to make some remedies. Does any of you know any home remedy to help darken my hair a bit especially that parts near the roots. The rest of the hair length looks good. The obvious difference of the roots from them is just really annoying. Its not balanced at all. Pls help me know what could be the best hair remedy and if this could get my hair damaged if I do so? If none, I'd be coming back to the hairstylist who did my hair. Let me know what you have in mind. Thanks mylotters!
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