I'm not dead,I'm still alive,haha,I miss u so much all of my friends...

December 4, 2013 9:59pm CST
Hi guys,sorry so long no see,hows going on my friends?I havent logged in MYLOT for a long time since more than one year,oh i miss here so much,every time i wanna say something ,the first place i think of is here.the best experience here is sharing with u awsome guys.haha... Ok,talk about what happen to myself during the disappearance time.Most of my rest time in university is travelling,i experienced a lot and knew a lot of friends from all over the world. About tour in china,I been to many awsome places,expecially Tibet,Mongolia,Yunnan and many different cities and towns,ANYWAY,welcome to china,a lot u can have fun here. About travelling abroad,the first country I been is Vienam,I been there by train from Guanxi(a city of china),I spent about half a month there,it's a short time but really amazing,i love the food there and the beach. And then I been to a nice perfect SMILE country---Thailand.Spending one month there feels only one week,I love thailand,and have a funny festival there this year,we call it Songkran.CRAZY RELAXING FESTIVAL. With the ending of my university and my ex-bf.I decided to travel an unbelievable country---India.That's the most exciting thing of this year I do.Two months and half I stayed in India.A lot I would like to share with u guys later.And now I come back Thailand again and try to learn thai language here,good luck to me. My dear friends,what's new with u?It should be a lot of fun,I miss U...
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@mythociate (21437)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
5 Dec 13
How long have you been gone? Have you been here since they stopped the 'money-making' program? That's the latest change I noticed around here anyway. That, and admin has eased-up a little on the link-restrictions (since we're not taking any money from `em, they gotta give SOMETHING ) But the long-&-short is that the posts here are mostly 'questions people REALLY WONDER about' and 'things people REALLY WANT TO SAY.' Oh sure, we have the occasional SP@Mmer trying to make money or whatever; but they wake up quickly to the fact that it doesn't fly too well here!
• China
7 Dec 13
hi there i have been here before the making money program stopped.I even didn't noticed it until u talk about this.
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