Christmas? Bah! The TRULY Greatest Gift of God Was "Woman"! When's 'EveMas'? #CelebrateWomen

Why Not 'the Three Wise Women'?
@mythociate (21437)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
December 21, 2013 10:59pm CST
That sentiment was inspired when 'my pastor' posted the banner describing "what would've happened had it been 'Three Wise Women'." (I can say at-least SEVEN people are 'my pastor': a couple at the non-denominational/Sabbatarian/prison-ministry church I go to, at least one at the Evangelical Covenant Church church-plant I go to, and several more at the Nazarene Church I attend; should I narrow it down to one?) So maybe a better discussion-question would've been 'Why Not "the Three Wise Women'?" But--like the need for time-travel when time-travel would eliminate the problem that sparked the inspiration for inventing time-travel--the story of The Three Wise Women wouldn't have been a story people say ... Maybe there WERE three wise women, but women aren't the spotlight-hogs that men are And so women DESERVE the spotlight (because they don't ask for it)
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• Englewood, Florida
28 Dec 13
You are correct! I think it is also disgusting how they treat women in other countries and so far, you're on the right track! Still, Christmas was not specifically for men, but for all to rejoice in Christ the Savior. I see your point in the same light, though. But, I'm pretty sure there weren't 3 Wise Women. Why? Because--to me you don't have to agree with me-- I believe they treated women absolutely terribly then, and, in some countries, still do. God bless! I'm following you.
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@mythociate (21437)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
29 Dec 13
Saying 'they treated women terribly in the Bible' is like saying 'they treated ice cream terribly on the tennis-court'---maybe they did, but that's not the point of the action. It's all to the glory of God's goal ... fun? What do you think God's goal has always been?