Moradabad, India
December 24, 2013 2:53am CST
It is said that he is free who thinks freely and lives as he chooses but A HUNGRY MAN IS NEVER A FREE MAN. IT IS EASIER SAID THAN DONE THAT WE SHOULD NOT CARE FOR BREAD AND BUTTER BUT THIS THINKING OF MAN IS THEORITICALLY RIGHT ONLY. People believe that freedom lies in being bold but in my opinion a hungry man may not get up from bed even what to speak of being bold. I have seen the poor people with my own eyes to sell themselves for the sake of money. Money is sweeter than honey. Your own intimate friends and relatives may leave your company when you are in need of money and bread. I may think that a man can bear the hunger of his own stomach but never the hunger of his small children. IN FACT AN ORDINARY MAN IS SLAVE TO HIS STOMACH.HE CAN REMEMBER MORALITY WHEN HIS BELLY IS FULL. A man can not even worship with empty stomach. When one is hungry. Even the moon looks to him like a bread instead of the looking like the face of his beloved.
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• Chennai, India
25 Dec 13
True.. People can go to any length to satisfy their hunger.. This is the basic reason why we see so much strife, corruption, misrule in the world today.Everybody is out to satisfy their hunger.. suhas katti
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• Moradabad, India
25 Dec 13
A hungry man listens not to reason, nor to cares for justice, nor bent by any prayers. A hungry man has no ears. Thank you very much for a good response.