Get paid to review songs (Slicethepie)

@Bionicman (3958)
Czech Republic
February 3, 2014 4:30pm CST
Found a pretty cool website that pays you to review songs. The goal of the website is to help unsigned artists to get feedback and music fans to discover new music while earning some extra money. You click "Play" button and then you can write a review after you listened to at least 90 seconds of a song (you can listen to the whole thing and play it again if you want). Anybody is welcomed and you dont need to be a music expert to give your opinion. As you write more reviews or the lenghy ones, your rank goes up and then you get paid more per song. Its pretty enjoyable experience to earn some extra money this way. Minimum payout is only $10 and you can reach it fairly quickly and they really pay. When you register you will have to choose the genres you like. It is important you select it right because you wont be able to change it later and its better so select the ones you enjoy listening to. If you like the idea please join under me:
Get paid to review new music on Slicethepie
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