Is this for real?

February 4, 2014 3:56pm CST
I have always been alone. I have never lived with a man, gotten married, came close but it was not to be and I thank God for that! I have been in relationships with guys who are Christians but somehow it never sank deep enough for me to want to move ahead with that person. I sometimes think that because I have been on my own so long I may be comfortable but the truth is at times I feel the need for someone else other than my child to talk and reason with. someone else to laugh with. dont get it wrong I love my child, I really do and want the best for her. I wonder too is that I am afraid that a pervert may enter and molest my child. I have thought about that too. I have thought about people in my family who have lived "shacked up" lives and the man/woman never saw it fit to want to marry him/her. I dont want that for me/ I have thought about my friends who got married and it ended in divorce that I dont want for me either. Is it as my friends say that I expect too much or as my cousins say that I run from commitment? I think that both thoughts about me are wrong. I do want to love my partner and I do want to be committed totally to our relationship. I dont ask for a lot - just to be loved for who I am and help me (with God's help) to change the things about me that are undesirable. I have asked God for a husband who truly loves and adore him (God) and I believe that if he does that then he will love me genuinely. Is this asking too much? Not a man when he sees me all he can think about is sex... am tired of it so I told God am just sticking to Him alone. But if He says I am to marry at 50 years old then that is the time I will get married. However, I felt so happy from this morning because someone showed interest in me and thank God its not just that I am meat to him as one of my friends put it. He actually cares and I feel happy about this. He is a bit older than I am but I am happy with that. So here I was bellyaching about being alone and God just sent him along. Well help me pray that God's will be done in my life and I wish you a God blessed day.
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