Feeling of Poverty

February 8, 2014 8:49am CST
Wow! its nice to be back! Three days ago, i have a posted request for financial assistance via FB. It is not for me but for my boyfriend's mom who was struck with coma for the third time. They are on the brink of poverty and could no longer afford to pay the hospitalization.His mom was confined in a private room, my boyfriend had no choice but to put her there because there is a measles epidemic in Olongapo. I just thought that i might be able to touch able hearts in FB through my post... but sadly, nobody responded! Not even my close friends! It is hard to be poor... what if it was my mom who was confined there? What if i was the one with a deadbeat job? When nobody responded, i thought... people can really be selfish.... people think that they loose too much when they give.... people are too afraid to run of money... So this is what poor feels like... ignored... sad... depressing
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@mythociate (21455)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
9 Feb 14
His mother doesn't need 'money.' (I'm sure you know this, but I'm saying it anyway.) She needs food, drink, bath-supplies, shelter, clothing & someone to help her use them. Sure, money can be used to secure these things for her; but she needs people to give them to her money-or-no. And Facebook IS NOT for 'asking for help' (as much as I wish it were). It's for 'keeping informed on old friends.' You ought to (as you go & provide for the care & services his mother needs) give us a link to your FB post. Maybe we can help spread it.