PTC Titans battle for the top spot - ULtimate PTC test and the results

@Bionicman (3958)
Czech Republic
February 20, 2014 7:53pm CST
You might be considering whether is it worh it or not to join a PTC site. Or maybe you dont know which one to choose? I made a little test of PTC sites for some website. 2 weeks ago I joined top 3 most popular, reliable and paying PTC sites. I joined all of them at the same, clicked all ads every day and without referrals. Here are the results: 1. Probux: $1.2 2. Neobux: $0.54 3. Clixsense: $0.46 As you can see Probux won the test. You would earn more than double the ammount on Probux than on the other two in the same time period. But is the $1.2 in two weeks even worth registering? You decide.
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@firoafame (359)
• Thiruvananthapuram, India
6 Dec 14
ProBux has turned scam since august 2014. It’s always safe to join and invest in NeoBux and clixsense. Currently the best sites are paidverts and digads which pays maximum in the industry without referrals. With my experience it’s not very difficult to make $100 daily if you can get direct referrals every day on autopilot. Checkout the link to find out 50 ways to get direct referrals.
NeoBux is the site that most sites try to emulate and desire to be
@Bongirl (53)
• Bucharest, Romania
3 Apr 14
I agree because for a while now I have been comparing Probux vs Neobux. I was able to rent double the # of referrals in Probux with the earnings I made. Started the same day. In Neobux the minijobs pays better by a cent or so... when you go Golden the balance sorth of equilbrates but by then you've had lost a lot by being a Standard and by having standard RRs in Neobux. So, for now Probux is the winner.