Trying make money for the summmer

Elizabeth City, North Carolina
March 15, 2014 8:58am CST
Well my mom said I need some money and she's not giving it to me so I need to make it but myself for a chance so I said I will try to make some I only been on this site for a day and this is my 1 post for the fist time but I bet yal are wondering how old I'm really am I really 13 years old trying to make money for the first time being here with yall so tell me how to make money and follow me plzz....
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@luvandpower (2048)
• United States
16 Mar 14
Pocket change is all you will make here sadly (even though there are some who make a lot more but we won't go into that ) You would be better off trying to do some babysitting around your neighborhood, mowing some lawns, any just regular minuscule task. At your age you can't work without a permit and it seems like a hassle. I suggested babysitting for one cause it looks great especially if you ask if you can be used as a reference at a later date. Of course, you would need to babysit a few times for that person before I would ask but you get my point. How much money are you looking to actually make? I think this would be a major point as well.
• Changsha, China
16 Mar 14
I suggest that part-times will be good choices to make some money in your summer vacation.
@fakeIt (15)
• China
16 Mar 14
i ran into the same situation. i think i should take a part-time job to make ends meet. if u have a better plan, plzz teach me. and good luck