Can you define true love ?

November 23, 2006 5:12am CST
this is all about love.
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• India
15 Dec 06
If you ask me i would tell true love as of my experience its just you are exaggerating your feelins and assume things to yourselves..personally i feel it does not exist...or might be you can tell it has not happened to me...our love what i feel is just an understanding..
• India
17 Dec 06
what should I say..may be your r right Or you feeling... But I thing tru love exist but We don't have those eye to see that..
@meriam4U (16)
• Philippines
2 Jun 07
true love?.. hmmmmm... there are lots of definition about love..some may say love is like a rosary full of mystery..others may also tell that love is blind or love conquers all.. but for me TRUE LOVE doesnt really have TRUE MEANING... it just simply depends a person on how he/she GIVES A MEANING TO A TRUE LOVE..some may find it boring, or corny..but for me, I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT IF U REALLY LOVE THAT PERSON...THAT PERSON ITSELF ANSWERS DA MEANING OF TRUE LOVE THAT UR LOOKIN FOR...
@calvin222 (1607)
• India
23 Nov 06
True love is a popularly held concept of loving another lover or potential lover without restraint and without restriction. It is important to note that 'true' love is a popular idea and as such is far from being inherently true. Moreover, the exact definition and nature of true love is highly subjective. Throughout history, true love has been debated over by philosophers, writers and scholars such as Shakespeare and Plato. Modern day intellectuals also have widely differing ideas of true love
• Pakistan
23 Nov 06
i can't define it
@achyuta (2851)
• United States
23 Nov 06
Gopala - God - Gopala - God
Pure love is rare in this world because it requires that one desire nothing for oneself. A person who has awakened his or her pure love does not ask for anything other than the privilege of serving. For example, God's love for us is pure. And we should also try tpo love Him purely. Loving God is our true nature, and in the transcendental happiness of that love all the miseries of life disappear. Because God is supremely captivating, loving Him is ever-fresh.