Three Places which YOU would like to visit?

United Kingdom
April 10, 2014 5:27am CST
Its hard to limit yourself just to three, but I would choose these ones: 1. South Africa 2. Egypt 3. Turkey What about you?
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• Ogden, Utah
11 Apr 14
Australia, i'd love to pick up an accent :D
• Kolkata, India
12 Apr 14
South Africa
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• Indonesia
12 Apr 14
I wanna visit beautiful place in my country, it's Bali. Then I wanna visit United state of america and then i wanna visit France because i wanna see Eiffel tower... ^_^
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• New York, New York
23 Apr 14
As I am adventrous freak. In that case, I will choose South Africa which is perfect for outdore camping and safaris with wild cats with lots of excitment and thrill.
@JohnCreg (32)
• Melbourne, Australia
5 May 14
I am in Australia for so many years. In every vacation I have something new to explore. I want to explore the places so that in the end I can say i have visited every corner of Gold Coast.
@Gavinx (6)
• Wuhan, China
6 May 14
i like all of them and many others....
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• Denmark
8 May 14
1.vietnam 2.czech republic 3.estonia :)
• Yantai, China
11 Apr 14
Turkey ~~haha
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• Beijing, China
11 Apr 14
South Africa
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• Jordan
10 Apr 14
1-uk 2-usa 3-france
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@Tangce (1)
• Islamabad, Pakistan
12 Apr 14
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• Maldives
29 Jul 14
its hard! i want to visit south korea,japan and bankok.