Veroboard - Maximum Current

South Africa
November 23, 2006 6:38am CST
I am busy working on a single-phase to 3-phase project. It consists of a single microcontroller, IGBT Driver IC (IR2133) and an IGBT Power Module. I am making use of Pulse Width Modulation... The Microcontroller receives 5Vdc and the IR2133 15Vdc @ 1A... The IGBT Power Module receives 250V 16A on its inputs and delivers approximately 320Vdc on its outputs. I need to connect the COM ~ GND pin of the IR2133 IC to the GND of the IGBT module. Can I just connect the GND terminal of the 320Vdc supply to the GND of the 15V supply using a single track without having a risk of damaging some/all components?
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