Worries now all around..Childhood! ahh! How Happy it sounds :-)

Sweet Childhood, Sour Mistakes !
New Delhi, India
June 28, 2014 8:55am CST
Today by looking at my childhood's photograph I came to know the meaning of real happiness..all such happiness which was there when we were small or I should say very small..at that time lying in our mom's laps, playing in father's hands, playing with toys around us and listening to a rhyme before sleeping these all meant a great happiness to all of us. But today our lives have become very complicated.. Its very true..nowadays it is very difficult to find the reasons for happiness around us.. But that childhood was simply great,free from all worries and tension.So readers I want to say one thing that 'Happiness is a real treasure,try to find it everywhere' So here goes a small composition..must read it..share it.. Haste haste kat jaate mushkil se bhi mushkil raste, Toh Hasna seekho tum yaaro, Kush rehne ki tum wajah na dhoondo, Tum khud raho khush aur khush karo tum hazaaro, Anger makes your life worst, It covers your life with a dust, In life it reduces your level of satisfaction, And then what all is requried is 'happiness ka injection', Hasso aur hassao tum, Live your life to the full, Ase tum jiyo zindagi ki log bhi kahe yeh hota hai jeena, Aur baat yeh woh maan jaaye ki 'happiness' ke bina jeena bhi hai koi jeena, Stay happy,Keep smiling Thanks to my father for clicking such a memorable and amazing picture..which made me realise what real happiness is.. Love you dad! ┬ęShubh.Words Like us on : www.facebook.com/Shubh.Words Follow us on Instagram : @shubhwordsofficial
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