@esfes025 (432)
Elkhart, Indiana
July 12, 2014 12:41pm CST
Last night with the potatoes I picked from my garden I got a steak on sale and cooked it. I also fried some of the potatoes and served it. Oh and how do you cook a steak the right way (medium rare) This link tells you:
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• Kuta, Indonesia
14 Jul 14
it looks delicious and juicy! Thank you for the link!
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@cmw4562 (239)
• United States
14 Jul 14
Ah that looks very yummy. There is nothing like a perfectly cooked steak with a nice side of potatoes and even a vegetable. I prefer corn.
@esfes025 (432)
• Elkhart, Indiana
14 Jul 14
@cmw4562 If I would of had a veggie it would have to be green due to corn being starchy with my potatoes... but if you like corn go for it.