Coke or Pepsi?

coke for me - coke
@merlin22 (1111)
United States
November 23, 2006 7:57am CST
i prefer coke, i just like the taste so much better how about you
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@samsonskola (3357)
• United States
19 Dec 06
i actually prefer pepsi...however, i can remember when there was only coke, and i was drinking the "REAL" kind way back now i really prefer pepsi..i don't know, but it seems that after they changed coke for the first time, i just never went back to drinking it
@mcbota (2125)
• Romania
15 Dec 06
coke?pepsi?lemon?Very hard to say but I suppose because of the better flavor and taste ,I like more Pepsi,so is one of my favorite drink that I like to drink.I will drink Pepsi with more pleasure !
@LoganzMom (619)
• United States
14 Dec 06
soda - coke or pepsi?
thats a tough one for me!! i really enjoy both. it just depends on where i am and who has what soft drinks lol...
• Malaysia
9 Dec 06
I prefer coke too. Let me share with you all a short story about the coke. The first coke is not a softdrink but it is a medicine for flu and is make from herb. But then not much people like it and the business are really bad until there are one customer that told them that coke can make him feel fresh. After that, the coke company start to modified the drink to become the softdrink that we have today.
• India
8 Dec 06
I like coke
• India
8 Dec 06
Coke or Pepsi - Coke
I like Coke
@urzicutza (1972)
• Romania
23 Nov 06
pespi twit forever baby
@gandor (509)
• Philippines
23 Nov 06
@BruceFR (472)
• France
23 Nov 06
Coke for sure