Double Standard of Arabian nations

Bhavnagar, India
October 17, 2014 4:10am CST
How can u keep your self healthy, if your own surrounding is filthy and full of dirt. On one hand Arab nations pledge their support to United States for fighting against ISIS, while on the other hand they allow such terrorist groups to flourish from their land. History has shown that if such organisations or groups are allowed to carry out their activities, one day they will attack the very hand that fed them. It is utterly surprising that even after suffering heavy casualty in Arab world, US still could not take prominent Arab nations into confidence and get an assurance from these country that they would not allow such group to use their land to carry their activities. Culprit among them is Saudi Arebia, which has been the birth place of many such religious fundamental groups, who have since then spread their wings far and wide and the result is what the world is watching the likes of ISIS, Taliban, AlQaida etc. Time has come when the whole Islamic world have to come together and once and for all denounce these group, who in the name of Islam, killing innocent people endenger the world peace.
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