''Everything we need to know is already inside us... the divine infinite ancient knowledge''.

''Knowledge is the greatest thing a person can have!''
Fresno, California
October 24, 2014 11:21am CST
The more you focus on outward appearance, the more inward soul searching you need to do. Just listen to the message is that so much to ask for? All you are doing is publicly showing your nagging insecurities. That's just my 2 cents.......!!!Truthfully though after embracing this path for nearly a decade I wouldn't push people into trying to digest this. It is beyond words. saying "what you truly are is not a person" to me shows the intellectual phase. Absolute truth cannot be expressed in words. Going to the extreme of saying "you are not a person", is the same as saying "all you are is a person". Many of the Sages who realized would often call people who attempted to "preach" the highest teachings gramophones, because only having the intellectual knowledge of the Self is aking to speaking another's words or counting another's treasures.
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