when did you had your first PC?

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November 23, 2006 9:36am CST
i had my first pc 4 years ago.... now i cant live without it:D
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• Italy
23 Nov 06
Sinclair ZX Spectrum - My first pc
in 1983. A small Sinclair Zx Spectrum. Still i have it and it runs well.
@topffer (41242)
• France
14 Jun 11
It was not really a PC but a little 64kb computer with a rubber keyboard. It was also my first computer, and I have always a ZX emulator in my computers : the games look a bit prehistoric today, but I remember the fun I had with them at this moment.
@topffer (41242)
• France
14 Jun 11
In 1985 : it was a hp 150 with a touch screen -- the first touch screen ever : it was working with infrared lights --, and a 5Mb HDD weighting about 20 pounds. If I remember, it was working with MSDOS 2.10 and was very slow. I don't remember the size of the RAM : something like 64 or 128kb. However, several softwares were available and it was not a bad computer : I had worst PC after this one.
@wolfie34 (26789)
• United Kingdom
7 Apr 07
I got my first PC back in 1998, I bought it off a friend who had built it from scratch, it lasted me a couple of years, until I upgraded, it was ok for my first computer but I needed something faster afterwards and it was too slow especially for downloads and the internet.
@correia (181)
• Portugal
6 Mar 07
i had my first pc when i has 6 years old,and it was a pentium 486 processor running windows 95
@cigano (1277)
• Nigeria
23 Nov 06
About 9 years ago!!! PS- every post in my discussions is rated!
@icequeen (2841)
• Canada
23 Nov 06
About 5 years ago.