Shenzhen Qingyuan waterproof tech

Shenzhen, China
December 16, 2014 8:45pm CST
The introduction of the equipment First of all, we call this device nano clothing, it is to use high-tech nanometer technology as the main body, and add the fluorine element, through the special development of equipment, the nanometer liquid penetrate to all parts of the cell phone, and achieve good fusion, thus forming a layer of transparent protective film, thus to achieve the effect of waterproof. Qingyuan waterproof is a new technological breakthroughs, there are no need to put your mobile phone teardown before operation, after processing does not affect the performance of each contact with moistureproof and waterproof properties, the coating will not affect any performance of the product.,and also with very good hydrophobic and oleophobic property, corrosion resistance, and scratch resistance. Scope of application: mobile phone, tablet, etc. Investment promotion object: All kinds of chain stores, wholesalers.or individual owners and individual entrepreneurs 1.Note: this waterproof treatment are only for our normal life, mainly to avoid accidentally fell into the water in our life, such as in the toilet or drinks, milk, coffee, water or other liquid, so that the damage on mobile phones.also due to the mobile device itself is not designed for underwater working, the long time bubble water will inevitably affect its performance and life, cause a harm to your phone.. Therefore through waterproof processing mobile phone is not recommended in the underwater soak for a long time, also can't bring mobile phone to take a bath, or swimming. 2.If my cellphone fell into the water by accident after I did that, and it is broken,what should I do? what kind of security I can get?How to deal with it after my phone drop into the water? After had waterproof processing of your mobile phones, inadvertently by water, sewage, drinks, such as rain or some others,you need to turn it off immediately, and using dryer to make it dry. 3.Will Waterproof treatment effect on the mobile phone’s charge hole,headphone jack,?or To plug? Waterproof processing film is nano film, and it wont have any influence on circuit connected effect. 4.Is waterproof processing operations’s liquid medicine usage the higher, the better? Overuse potion will definitely improve the waterproof ability of the machine, but doing so may make speakers, headphones, receiver is sensitive to vibrations frequency components due to excessive film-forming substances and change the vibration properties, adsorption quality becomes poor, hissing sound effects equipment experience adverse Should be in strict accordance with the operating instructions. 5.After did waterproof processing , how long is the duration of the waterproof can be last? after did waterproof processing, from a technical perspective, if it have not to replace the components or other mechanical damage, Basic to mobile phone normal service life of the waterproof deadline, such as replacement or damage, you will need to do that waterproof again. FOR MORE INFORMATION,PLEASE GO TO OUR WEBSITE:WWW.SZQYFS.COM
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