Being Down to Earth is the Best way of Interacting to be Sociable

Poetry by Author Jan Jansen - Being Down to Earth is the Best way of Interacting to be Sociable
Bangkok, Thailand
January 15, 2015 4:00am CST
Having most of the talking to show everyone what we have is an easy thing, some will looks and think they are just a braggart, with all the fake assets and laugh at them. Raise up the voice with a higher pitch is asking for attention, so some people are curious then will asking them for an explanation which follow up with questions and answers. If we can answer all questions ourselves, we will be able to explain what we really want to others who may like to hear about it with their ears. The problem is that most things are never go to the right man directly but a story going with a detour, so there are many twists and turns with lies by jealousy and imaginations. When that happens we have to defend our own, because others are making up a story that is completely different than the truth to those people believe this so they will distribute it. How more expensive is our car and monthly expenses, because of our lifestyle, how quicker a stranger will come up with a story about it in their mind and tell to others. Those representations will often give a negative impression and image than something positive, because that’s just incomprehensible human nature which captured images of the eyes. Dreams are illusions and what our eyes see will directly transform to our brains and convert them into our thoughts for most of the time. Being down to earth will bring us closer to the people and reduce the difference or detachment between the thoughts of others, so it is easy for us to approach others or conversely. This allow us to lead in the social society more generously where finances stable are important for life, but dealing with friends making our life to be a lot more enjoyable. So we can be more interactive in social life, and by being humble and behave well, we will received the hospitality in no time, this should be the way we all behave to share a more peaceful society on this earth. I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen
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