Be Flexible so We can Develop our Adaptability to Adjust ourselves into Whatever Surrounding us.

Poetry by Author Jan Jansen - Be Flexible so We can Develop our Adaptability to Adjust ourselves into Whatever Surrounding us
Bangkok, Thailand
January 16, 2015 3:56am CST
If we look at the world and follow news, it seems that most people do not realize we all need each other in this earth if we want to make improvements which can see the results. We all have our own life, and others have their thoughts which they like to define themselves, and that is all up to them. And as we all can accept and be tolerant to each other, it will be a major advance for all of us which also give profits for each other with a peaceful intercourse. We must learn that we are all born in the same way, and in order to stay alive, we have to fulfill all of our needs as everyone else. Even the disparities between minorities, elites and racial does exist, but that should not make much difference for us, and its actually did not even come up in our mind. Everyone is identical and if we behave correctly in the society, it will give everyone the advantages of experience because everything is becoming more peaceful and sociable. Not with hatred, discrimination and prejudice against each other, but we all know there are people who do not even try it, because certain things which happened among friends, family, country residence (nationality or religion) in the past or present are not right at all. But we should not lump everyone as the same, because each of us have an unique and different character, thoughts and appearance. Be flexible and give freedom to each other with an acceptance of one’s appearance will always lead to a long term friendship. Adaptability is things that is lacking among most of us, because every residents on the globe has their own ego and a different perspective on life. And it is such a shame that most cannot accept the fact where we are all born unique but have no control over how it happened and who is our parents, or our appearance and nationality. There is only one certainty that if all of us are being flexible, we can develop a great adaptability among everyone and everything that surrounded us, thus it will certainly bring more peace on earth. I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen
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