We should Not Practice on Boasting our Speech, because it is a Sign of Weakness.

Poetry by Author Jan Jansen -  We should Not Practice on Boasting our Speech, because it is a Sign of Weakness
Bangkok, Thailand
January 25, 2015 2:16am CST
Watching a beautiful and exciting story or a movie with no good ending is like losing our time waiting for a green traffic light until it jumps back from orange to red. Many would introduce themselves with some good text using the selling technique to add more content to the story, and make it become more credible, but overall it is not based on truth. When we heard them, it is possible that we open up our mouth in amazement by the impressive and poignant words they use to sell their products to us. If we are to believe in what they say, we buy one kilo of gold with a value of diamonds with the same weight, which of course is impossible because of the value difference, and real result comes out afterwards if we continue to go deeper and test the product in details. As a result, we thought can buy a chicken that lays the golden eggs, because we were thrilled by the excellent narration from the seller, but ultimately it was overpriced and has a lesser value than we believed. So in fact, we are fooled by some excellent words used by the deceiver who think that they are a very good salesman through their beautiful presentation, it looks like that can give a very good impact to others with possibility for them to get an additional benefit. If we only sell a product by well make and impressive words, for that we do not have to be proud of, because that’s thinking for the short term and has no eternity. Therewith, we will not build friendships or relationships but rather create enemies who want no contact with us and that will spread to others. Practicing to boasting our speech which is not based entirely on truth, but only a sales pitch, is a sign of weakness with an unclean act and way of thinking. I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen http://poems.easybranches.com/we-should-not-practice-on-boasting-our-speech-because-it-is-a-sign-of-weakness.html
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